The ConnectOcean Explorer “Source to Sea” Expedition consists of doing watershed studies in Costa Rica from the source of the pure mountain springs in Monteverde through the catchment to the coast in Guanacaste.


Students work alongside scientists and teachers, assisting in data acquisition and learning about various fields of study. Daily activities including field studies on land and at sea, snorkelling, zip lining, hiking, and interacting with local communities ensure for an adventure packed expedition!

The Source to Sea Explorer Expedition is perfect for students living inland or in land-locked areas, or for those who are really interested in learning more about how the mountains and the sea are connected.

Explorers learn about the hydrological cycle and that all water, whether inland or in the ocean, is connected. We hike through the Monteverde area, testing water for chemicals and analysing samples for invertebrates, which tells us about the health of the waterways and the key species reliant on them.

We then follow the waterways towards the ocean at Guanacaste, where we visit local mangrove forests and learn more about these important ecosystems.

The Source to Sea Explorer Expedition program is a great way to start your ocean education journey. Come and explore the catchments with us!