- We create an inclusive environment for swimmers of all levels. With three different location options, there is a place for everyone! From toddlers to adults, beginners to masters, and those swimming for fun to those competing internationally, we create personalized programs for all of our swimmers.

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- We run shared boat and private charter options for diving as a Discover Scuba Diving Experience, certification courses, or as certified divers. Aiming to create a wonderful experience for our guests, we keep our ratios low with no more than 4 divers to a guide. We specialize in marine ecology, and include elements of Citizen Science, keeping the dives, safe, informative, and fun!

- To schedule a dive or request more information about our programs, you can click here, or email us at info@connectocean.com!


- The ConnectOcean Explorer programs can be adapted as needed, ranging from half-day activities, to week long camps, to semester long programs. With a variety of curriculum covering 5 different ecosystems, we focus on hands-on, place-based learning for a truly unique learning experience!

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- Wanting to develop your professional skills and marketability? Learn more about our internship programs by clicking here.

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