ConnectOcean collaborates with multiple international partners to ensure the data we collect contributes to ongoing real-time research projects and eventually to evidence based management strategies.

We are working with Ocean First Institute towards the following goals:

  1. Marine Life Census

  2. Community Outreach and Citizen Science Data Collection

  3. Stakeholder Engagement

  4. Data Sharing and Proposed Spatial Planning

  5. Sustainable Multi-Use Community Management Zone

We work with MantaTrust so that our Manta ID database is rooted into a worldwide network of mobulid ray research and conservation.

They advise and support us in our efforts, while including our initiatives into their much broader reach of ongoing research. They are currently comparing our database of individuals is being compared to those of Ecuador and Peru with the hopes of finding overlap!

University of Costa Rica - CIMAR

Collaboration with University of Costa Rica CIMAR is key into keeping our data grounded into realtime research projects. They advise us in data collection protocols and best practices, assist in group projects and presentations, while we support their data collection efforts.