Sin Límites: Adaptive scuba diving training program for people with life changing injuries

Sin Límites Costa Rica is ConnectOcean’s sister project. It is a Costa Rican registered Not for Profit Association focused on capacity building to develop Life Skills, and create awareness within the community by integrating volunteers in a program that offers adventure sport to people with disabilities. The Program contributes to their mental and physical health, fostering strong social bonds and rehabilitation opportunities.

To date we have:

  1. Trained 23 Diving Instructors, just in Costa Rica, as Adaptive Diving Instructors to make scuba diving more accessible to people with disabilities.

  2. Given 65 differently abled participants the chance to either experience a Discover Scuba Diving Experience or get a PADI Open Water Certification, in the past 3 years. Participants included paraplegics, amputees, hearing impaired and sight impaired divers, as well as cancer survivors.

  3. Started to include Adaptive Surfing and Outrigger paddling activities in addition to our Scuba Training with more than 80 participants.

  4. Worked with people within society who suffer from PTSD caused by life changing injuries. Some of these have included Survivors from the Boston Marathon Bombing, War Veterans and Middle Eastern Children injured in war conflict.

In addition to being an Association that works with People with disabilities, Sin Límites Costa Rica is  also a registered Sport Association. Many of our board members are also Paralympic Athletes competing in a variety of disciplines including swimming, volleyball and adaptive football! Sport has become a powerful bridge to overcome all barriers, showing that whatever strength we carry inside of us, can overcome whatever stands in our way.

The Association’s Specific objectives are:

  1. To motivate and  inspire people of all abilities to challenge their comfort zones.

  2. To Provide Adaptive Adventure Sport experiences to people of all abilities that allows them to discover challenges beyond their limitations.

  3. To raise awareness about the importance of inclusion of people of all abilities within the Costa Rican Society.

  4. To work towards establishing  Costa Rica as an accessible tourist destination for people of all abilities.