Swim Academy

ConnectOcean Swim Academy is a PADI Swim School powered by Starfish Aquatics curriculum. We teach all levels of swimming from complete beginners to nationally ranked competitive athletes. For more information about our swim program including schedules at our different locations, please click here.

Nipper Surf Lifesaving Program

This program focuses on educating children to recognize potential hazardous conditions associated with an ever-changing aquatic environment. Emphasis is placed on safety, respect, physical fitness, instruction, and discipline. Students are schooled in the oceanic environment, First Aid, C.P.R., cooperation and lifesaving methods.

Classes are presented weekly and once participants are of age, they can earn a full lifeguard certification. Our goal with this program is to create fully functional duty squads that would provide voluntary lifesaving duties on the local beaches as part of a community service program.

CEPIA Marine Stewardship and Ocean Safety Course

We have created a hybrid course specifically for this group of CEPIA youth where we combine swim instruction, aspects of our ocean explorer programs, and our surf lifesaving programs. This unique program teaches the students about ocean safety, marine life, as well as the value of teamwork, respect, and hard work.

CEPIA Learn to Swim Program

We provide swimming lessons for a group of 9-12 year olds from CEPIA. They go through the Starfish Aquatics curriculum, focusing on water safety, in water self-rescue techniques, and how to safely help others in an emergency.

Futuro Brilliante Marine Stewardship and Ocean Safety Course